“Motherhood is an identity and physical shift!”

It’s a beautiful beginning of co-creating and maintaining an even flow of love and acceptance. For some women who are going through this major life transition of having a baby, it tends to bring out a lot of complex feelings. And while the anticipation of a child’s birth often elicits positive emotions, it can also cause some to feel ambivalent. You may be torn between wanting your child and feeling like you are losing your independent identity. You may also worry about the impact motherhood will have on your marriage, finances and relationships.

Therapy can help expectant mothers mitigate some of their perinatal stress and VOICE their concerns or anxieties about becoming a parent in a safe and non-judgemental space. It is an opportunity for mothers-to-be to talk openly about their fears, distresses and limitations.

When to seek Therapy?

Mothers-to-be embarking on a monumental shift such as parenthood can be a whole new life changing experience which may need additional support from a therapist.  This is a time when mothers-to-be, are advised to exercise and watch what they eat while they are pregnant and an important part of their prenatal care regimen is critical to the well-being of mother and baby.

When you are experiencing overwhelming stress, anxiety and depression which can affect the developing baby. Exposure to high levels of stress can cause health problems, such as high blood pressure or heart disease, and may increase the chances of having a premature baby.

It is important to look at pregnancy as a nascent time – you’re growing something mysteriously in your body and because you’re embarking on creating part of the next generation, it’s such an opportune time to look back at your own history and make it better for the new one.

The following Maternal Mental Health Imbalances that I work with in this area are:

  • Perinatal Stress (anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, moodiness)

  • Body Image (developmental stages, weight gain, stretch marks)

  • Eating Stress (morning sickness, food smell, cravings, heart burns)

  • Hormonal changes (complications)

  • Birthing Fears and Insecurities


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